black coffee accident in detail


Yesterday, South Africa was in prayers as news of Black Coffee’s accident was spreading around on social media. It has become weird, that majority of news actually is broken on social media before mainstream. Shows you how much, social media is changing the way news travels

Anyways, not to digress, Black Coffee is one of South Africa’s beloved modern day icons, flying the South African flag proudly regionally and beyond. News of his accident had many people worried, fearing for the worst. Rightfully so, in recent years, d£@th has robbed South Africa of its beloved icons.

According to the DJ’s official account, he was indeed involved in an accident on a flight on his way to Mar Del Plata. The DJ was scheduled to perform there. Below is the official message from the DJ’s account:

Nevertheless, with the stature of Black Coffee, as always people started expressing various opinions on this. With one prophet who always seems to insert himself in tragedies involving celebrities, claiming he had prophesied about this accident.

The prophet who goes by the name Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi who has in previous incidents inserted himself in high profile tragedies, such as that of the late South African rapper AKA. He would later claim that he had prophesied about his d£@th.

And in the same manner, he claimed to have prophesied about Black Coffee’s accident. Below is a screenshot of one of his Facebook posts on the tragedy:

To add on, anything involving Black Coffee, the immediate person, people look at is none other than his ex wife Enhle Mbali. The two had a public nasty divorce that makes people very much invested in these two. And let’s just say, what Enhle Mbali, shared on her Instagram had people talking.

She simply shared a reel with the message “best thing I’ve heard this year”, and social media got talking. It should be mentioned though, the reel is no way clear if it’s directed at Black Coffee, but considering the tension between the two, you wouldn’t blame people for talking. Below is the screenshot of the reel:

Anyways, the most important thing is the news that the DJ is recovering very well. We wish him a speedy recovery, to get back on the deck and entertain as he always does.